Saturday, April 4, 2009

The 411

Note* For logistical reasons our scavenger hunt will run every month. This gives participants sufficient time to integrate the Mr., and allows us more time to answer questions and help with entries.

He's all bad. Cops hate him. He has no taste in music or movies. His skin is rough and dry. He always sports wood. He bedded my wife.

Let's face it, sticks are pretty useless unless you are a dog, or you need to start a fire. They just lay there on the ground, waiting for an unsuspecting canine to come along and take the bait. They torture lawnmower blades worldwide. They attack with splinters.

End the shenanigans. Send Mr. Stick on a journey through the blogosphere, a journey of humiliation. Find a picture that would be funnier if Mr. Stick was in it. Send said picture to We'll photochop him in and send him back. Put a post on your blog with the picture. You must mention Mr. Stick by name in your post - but the post does not have to be specifically about Mr. Stick - if it is, all the better. This will give bloggers just enough to work with when hunting him down.

***We will allow all willing participants to post Mr. Stick to their blogs each month. The first person to find all Mr. Stick posts wins. If nobody finds all of the posts the first person who finds the most posts wins. Make sense? Timing will be judged solely by time of e-mail receipt, so the minute you find Mr. Stick, send us an e-mail with a link to the blog post where he is located. Those posting/hosting Mr. Stick for a given monthly contest will be eligible to participate in the hunt for that monthly, but cannot count their own post toward the total tally. This means that if you post Mr. Stick, and nobody finds all posts for that week, you still have a chance at winning. You cannot count Mr. Stick sightings in follower lists - he's a stalker by nature.

In order to keep this search contained, the contest will only be open to the followers of, or You must click on the (Blogger) follower button and join on either of these sites in order to be eligible. We will verify follower status before announcing winners or distributing prizes. This keeps the search contained to a reasonable scope, and will drive a substantial amount of traffic to the blogs of those participating. We will transition exclusively to the Mr. Stick follower list for the hunt once the follower count is over one hundred - so if you are a follower of Life With Dogs, you may want to follow Mr. Stick now to make sure you do not miss the transition.

Prizes will have little or no monetary value. We'll arbitrarily select some junk to send you. Unless you catch us on a good day.

Don't be discouraged if you do not have a blog yet - remember that half of the fun is the hunt.

Get out there and work your Ctrl+F keys - bring yourself some new blog visitors, put a stop to splinter injuries, and help save dogs from one seriously evil piece of wood.

Taliban training camp, Borja region, Kurram.


  1. Oh Mr. Stick! You will spend the rest of your life repenting for your evil deeds!


  2. Evil is unspectacular, shares our bed and eats at our own table.
    W. H. Auden (1907-1973)

  3. How do I send you a photo? I read through some instructions but cannot find the email address.