Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Suspect Apprehended

What a week this has been! I hope those who participated enjoyed it as much as we did. Thank you for making our first week so much fun - it was a week of laughter, just what the doctor ordered.

Set aside a few minutes for an interesting tour; filled with twists, turns, and much wrongdoing. Mr. Stick is popping up everywhere; and as you will find, he is generally despised: as he well should be.

Our incredible hosts for week one are offered up for your enjoyment, in order of original picture submittal.

Mr. Stick finds himself...

Nearly run down by the hounds.

Burning his wiener.

Exploring an unfortunate foot fetish.

Worming his way in to history, and hanging with his peers.

Exploring his lyrical talents, and lying his way through an interview.

Headed for what I hope will be his final destination.

Busted for pot possession...and taking hostages.

Passing time with an infamous dog enemy.

Hypnotizing felines in order to facilitate a getaway.

Terrorizing Philly fans, which is good or bad - depending on who you ask!

Messing with innocent children, and paying the price.

Spend a few moments with each of these imaginative bloggers and see where the real fun starts. He's as fun to host as he is to hunt!

Speaking of hunting, there were many worthy takers. As you now know, there were eleven posts in total, but one fell outside of the Blogger follower list, so participants were only held to a standard of ten. Many of the hosts did find all posts, but as the rules state, a host may only win if another hunter does not find all entries in a given week.

The first hunter to provide all eleven correct links is:

Meredith Nickerson

Great work Meredith! Your countless hours of searching and keyboard torture have earned you a shiny new pair of Tweezerman tweezers - the best tweezers I have ever used for splinter removal, and the choice of beauty pros in the know. We promised lame, and we plan to deliver.

Speaking of delivery, since everyone helped us to kick off the first week with a bang, all participants from week one will be receiving a super secret (under development) prize that we hope to have in our hands within the next few weeks. Stay tuned - we'll e-mail you when the shipment comes in. Surprise!

Finally, in order to stay organized and tweak the rules to keep things easy, we will accept picture submissions until next Monday, and kick off the next search then. If you have already submitted a picture we will return it in the coming days with posting details. Future hunts will run Monday through Friday for logistical reasons.

Send in those pics, make some new blogging connections, and by all means, have fun.


  1. GREAT Mr. Stick entries-laughter eruptions spill out with each one! I did not have time to hunt but had I known it was a tweezer prize, I may have quit my day job to join in the hunt.
    Very kind of you all to deliver super secret prizes to each participant. I am humbled-for I feel I have already won just getting all this laughter for free.

  2. Good hunt! Glad you caught that slimy stick. Grind 'em Nigel! :o)

  3. Oh those tweezers!!! I want those tweezers!!! !!! I know!!! It's hard for people torelate to tweezer envy... Congratulations Meredith!!!

    As for you Mr. Stick...I'll be watching.

    Thanks to Mrs Author for her patience with Mr. Author, I have put your name in for canonization.

    Mr. Author...there are no words...but we have pictures!!! Are there little Author's paying the price or that have paid the price?

  4. Okay, I know it was Mrs. Author who put you up to this madness, just so you will feel as though you have others of your ilk and don't feel so alone in your craziness...and look, here's the first bunch to prove her point! And, my, my, aren't we a talented lot?! Congrats to all for playing and you for helping us have all the fun!

  5. Devo is way too sophisticated for that prick... get it... prick? I crack my self up!

  6. I get it - Devo > "Whip It" > Whippet. Always comes full circle to the hounds...

  7. Congratulations, Meredith!

    You have the patience of a saint, to have explored countless blogs in order to find all Mr. Stick's hiding places! Job well done!

    And thank you, Mr. Author and any and all co-conspirators, for pulling together this fun event! Also a job well done!

  8. Congrats Meredith! You must have spent hours perusing so many blogs to find the elusive evil one! Kudos to Mr. Author and the bloggers to have done such a great blog. It was tantalizing and lots of fun meeting new doggies and people to try finding Mr. Stick!
    Hugs xo,

  9. Congratulations Meredith! What a job to find them all. I am so enjoying this! I am eagerly awaiting the next batch of laughs.
    ~Cheri & Buddy

  10. mom would like to play but she's old, blonde and southern and she can't find your email


  11. Thank you, thank you all. Nothing more fun to do on a day off, than to browse thru blogs looking for that evil mastermind...