Friday, April 10, 2009

Release the Hounds

It's official - Mr. Stick is on the prowl, terrorizing the blogosphere with his splintery self. A most bizarre scavenger hunt awaits you.

Track him down and e-mail us as you find him. If you'll note, we modified the rules to include all willing participants, so be certain to keep looking even after you have found three!

We'll leave this open until next Wednesday - we'll list all locations, and the search results. Please continue to send in your pictures in the meantime - we'll get them back to you with instructions for the following week.

And let me say that I have laughed more this week than I can recall. Not only will it be fun to hunt, but the entries will have you rolling as you find them. Remember that you are searching the blogs of followers from Life With Dogs and Mr. Stick. Click those little follower pictures and dig in!

I'll admit to a strong temptation to shut down this blog for a couple of days, leaving the readers of those hosting questioning the sanity of the posters. I guess I'll practice restraint: my least favorite virtue.

Save the dogs - catch that stick. And be careful, he's not as innocent as he looks...


  1. was mr stick present at the kidnapping/robbery in Vegas? it wouldn't surprise me...

  2. I hate Mr. Stick

  3. How does stick keep his eyes?
    ours never can keep them on.. maybe because they were made of liver & cheese?